Opening Night Prep

Stoff 2013 Report: Preparations for the  ” Fringe – a democratic stage”  event  at Centre for Contemporary Art Tbilisi. 27th of April 2013.


The installations are taking shape, a truckload of grass is making its way to the CCA.  It was all happening. While the artist where putting the finishing touches to their work our team did a quick pre-show thought gathering.  We asked Heidi, Pacoco & Miguel to tell us a little bit about the works they have brought to Georgia. What are their expectations from the local audience?

 Chew On! / Deviation

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 13.00.19

Heidi (Ingentinget) :  Chew On! is one of two works that I showcase here in Tbilis. Chew On! is a branch of Gumbar . What is Gumbar you aks?  It’s a a place, a booth, think “pop up shop”. where you can come to donate your chewing gum, its going to be an durational performance / installation linked to an exhibition of chewing gums at Stoff 2013 (Kulturhuset Stockholm 21st-24th Aug)

I want the audience to be more aware of every day actions, like chewing a chewing gum. What happens to the gum after you don’t love it anymore? Do we notice the unique and often fantastic shapes we create?

My 2nd performance. Deviation, is more of an experiment, its the first time I do this performance but its connected to a trilogy of performances that I’v been working on since 2010 (Penal Labour). I celebrate the unwanted things in life, lumps, things people usually try to smooth out or hide. We spend so much time, money and energy on beautification.

Its really exciting to be at the Centre for Contemporary Art Tbilisi. Art is universal but its also a reflection of the society its created in. So whats initially created and performed/experienced in Stockholm can provoke a different reaction in Tbilisi.

Stoff 2013 note: Heidi is one of our Young Stoff 2012 artist who is returning to the festival for a 3rd round performance art fun after participating in our Young Stoff 3hr festival @ Fryshuset Stockholm, Feb 2013. 

The Time

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 13.06.15

Miguel: The Time is a critique of media, media power and the flow of information. We live in a world bombarded with all sorts of propaganda hidden behind “entertainment” shows. News is not news really and the line between commercial advertisement and “real” content on TV is long blurred beyond recognition. This may not be a new topic but its very much current and constantly relevant.

All the materials are sourced locally during our week long residency here at CCA. We like to showcase that you don’t need a lot of money or resources to create installations. Everything you see is free. The installation is meant to be the ultimate media manipulator. I hope the audience will perceive it for what it is, a game where we play with information overload.

I didn’t really know what to expect prior to arrival in Georgia. Its been great to work with young artist from the CCA. We have really bonded with the friendly and creative team here. We look forward to meet the local audience and hope they walk away from here inspired by the showcased works.

Stoff 2013 Note: Want to know more? Make sure to check the Stoff website for the up coming mini documentary shoot by Miguel on location in Tbilisi.

Forrest of Kisses

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Pacoco: The forrest of kisses started in 2008. Prior to arriving in Tbilisi I’v collected approximately mini 3500 bottles with kisses in places like Morocco, Spain, France Sweden and Palestine. Here in Tbilisi we hiked out to the deep suburbs to gether kisses from locals. We visited a school with special care children. Each kiss has a story and all of the kisses are documented. Its a global kiss gallery.

Why kisses? Its a romantic commentary of the society we live in. If people would kiss more they be closer to each other, we could eliminate some of the problems and conflicts we deal with on daily basis. But the kiss and the way you obtain then or the way people react to kisses also reveals a fair bit of the local traditions and issues people deal with. No kiss is like the other.

I encourage people to open up the bottles and steal a kiss and leave a new one inside. The kisses break barriers. You have no idea who deposited a kiss before you and people could in effect be kissing their enemies.

The exhibition room is filled grass. I hope that it will connect the audience with something a bit more human and natural then the traditional gallery environment. The 2nd hand cloth and shoe piles hanging from the ceiling all have history of real life people who have worn them while going on about their life’s. The forrest of kisses is about connecting people.

Tbilisi has been so rich in experiences and its hard not to fall in love with the people. Never mind the lost in translation moments, all in all its been amazing so far and we haven’t event done the show yet! Remind me later to tell you about the slogans we coined here last nite. We even made t-shirts with them.

Stoff 2013 note: Pacoco will be creating a new exciting installation during Stoff 2013. Want to know more? Stoff 2013 programme out June 6th.

Want to see more?

Complete show report coming soon! (Also watch this space for our mini video documentary about the Stoff 2013 event @ CCA Tbilisi).

This Stoff 2013 event is made possible with support from the Swedish Institute. 

Poster by 2FiftyUnderground (London)

Poster by 2FiftyUnderground (London)

Written by Adam Potrykus

Photos by Ingentinget & Adam Potrykus

Poster by 2FiftyUnderground 

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