A WHOLE LOTTA NEW STOFF! As the festival kicks in and the global talent touches down in Stoffholm our team is collecting the programme updates for fast track to THIS tab on the home page. Please make sure to take note of all new Stoff. In no particular order as it appears fresh from the programming table: Welcome to Stoffholm!

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 07.03.21 After their run away SUCCESS at the ROME & PRAGUE fringe Bananteatern is BACK on the Stoff stage to showcase a new take on: The Tragedy Of Madbeth One man, One throne, One crown, One hilariously tragic experience. Amidst thunder and lightening, three witches meet with Beth and Banquo, from there on Beth tries his best to live up to all the prophesies with his imaginary friend Banquo. Together they narrate this murderous tale sincerely. Welcome to a roller coaster ride in the world created by Beth and Banquo. The Tragedy of Madbeth is a highly interactive physical comedy inspired by Shakespeare’s classic. A profound allegory that dissolves the space between observer and performer. The performance is a combination of slapstick, acrobatics, mime, songs and improvisations. The Tragedy of Madbeth is a devised theatre piece. It has been played for a wide range of audience in Europe, Israel, West Bank and India. The play was invited by UNESCO Centre for Peace to tour in USA (2012). Duration: 40 minutes Showcase Performance / Suitable age: Above 10 years / Written and Performed by: Rupesh Tillu / Directed by: Maria Af Klintberg / Mime Consultant: Katarina Rodopoulos / Costumes: Sigyn Stenquist

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 07.33.38 depARTments / Transkaukazja August 23, Friday 12.00 – 20.00 Łukasz Skąpski / The Red Line/ video screening / Kulturhuset / STOFF 12.00 – 16.00 Aleksi Soselia / public installation / Fittja / bridge behind the subway station 12.00 – 14.00 Taus Makhacheva / The Fast and the Furious / video screening / Residence Botkyrka, Krögarvägen 26 (apartment, ground floor) 12.00 – 14.00 Galaqtion Ersitavi / video screening / Fittja / Multicultural Centre / Fittja gård historical building / first floor 14.00 – 15.30 Ruben Arevshatyan / Save Cinema Moscow Open Air Hall or Rereading the Paradoxes of Soviet and Post Soviet Armenian Public Consciousness / lecture/ Residence Botkyrka, Krögarvägen 26 (apartment, ground floor) August 24, Saturday 12.00 – 20.00 Łukasz Skąpski / The Red Line/ video screening / Kulturhuset / STOFF ( (Foaje 3)) 12.00 – 20.00 Aleksi Soselia / public installation / Kulturhuset / STOFF  (Foaje 3) 12.00 – 20.00 Taus Makhacheva / The Fast and the Furious / video screening/ Kulturhuset / STOFF  (Foaje 3) 12.00 – 20.00 Galaqtion Ersitavi / video screening / Kulturhuset / STOFF (Foaje 3) For artist & project info please go to Please see the site specific tab.

Riptide_ Ine Claes & Aloun MarchalRIPTIDE A man & a woman have their feet in the water, seized by an intimate world. Their steps are recognizable & courageous, then mysteriously dangerous, sometimes playful & surprising. The quiet water keeps them together, but the undertow can be fierce. FRIDAY 23rd  Time 16.00 & 19.00 on the BEACH at Ralambshovsparken


ana-mendez Self-portrait Self-portrait is an award winning play about my identity. It could be a police ‘interrogatoire’ or a manifesto against all the questionnaires that we have to fill in during our lives. But it isn’t. It’s just a Self-portrait. Perhaps, automatic. Self-portrait är en prisbelönad pjäs som handlar om artistens identitet. Det skulle kunna vara ett polisförhör eller ett manifest mot alla de enkäter som vi måste fylla i under våra liv. Men det är inte. Det är bara ett självporträtt. Kanske, automatiskt så. FRI / 17.15 / BRYGGAN TICKETS & SAT / 18.30 / ROOM / (MOVED FROM THE ROOFTOP)

THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME – LAST SHOW FOR THIS YEAR! StockholmSyndrime_BurntOutPunks Burnt out punks present a hardcore firedriven, petrol-fuelled, anarchic punk show with a unique mixture of theatre, circus & street art combined with a skilled display of fire arts, creating a stunning visual experience for the audience. Burnt out punks presenterar en ’hardcore’ elddriven, bensindriven och anarkistiskpunkshow. Med en unik blandning av teater, cirkus och gatukonst i kombination med skicklig display av eldkonster skapar gruppen en fantastisk visuell upplevelse för publiken. FULL SHOW INFO (ONE EXPLOSIVE SHOW ONLY) WED 22.00 / Rålambshovsparken

weronika_cegielska_stop_staring_it's_not_politeStop Staring. It’s Not Polite 9 (Poland) We are all voyeurs. Everyday. Concept & choreography: Weronika Cegielska. Dance: Paula Quintas Santos, Vita Oldershaw. Assistant Director: Tomek Szczepaniak website: / Location: Children’s Library on the 4th floor KULTURHUSET STADSTEATERN Dates and times & location: Thu, 22.08, 17.45, Meeting point for the audience – 5th floor escalator, Fri, 23.08, 18.45 and 19.45, Meeting point for the audience – 5th floor escalator, Sat, 24.08, 18.15, Meeting point for the audience – 5th floor escalator Project supported by the POLISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE